10 Fitness Responds to Rising Demand with Unique Cardio Cinema Workout Experience

10 Fitness Responds to Rising Demand with Unique Cardio Cinema Workout Experience

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As the trend for immersive workout experiences gains momentum, 10 Fitness stays ahead of the curve with its innovative Cardio Cinema. This unique offering combines the thrill of movies with the benefits of cardiovascular workouts, revolutionizing the way members exercise.

Cardio Cinema at 10 Fitness is not just a gym space; it’s a private mini-theater where members can enjoy new movies daily while engaging in their cardio workout. The cool, dark, and secluded environment houses a selection of cardio equipment, allowing members to immerse themselves in entertainment as they exercise. This creative concept tackles the monotony often associated with cardio workouts and has proven to significantly enhance member engagement and workout consistency.

Compelling data underscores the popularity of Cardio Cinema, with over 30% of new members citing it as a reason for joining 10 Fitness. Additionally, a similar percentage of active members regularly use the Cardio Cinema for their workouts, highlighting its role as a valuable and well-utilized amenity.

10 Fitness sets itself apart by taking the hassle out of programming for franchisees. All movie selections are managed centrally by 10 Fitness Corporate Support, ensuring a seamless experience for both members and franchise operators.

“While there are no current plans to expand the Cardio Cinema, its success is evident in the enjoyment and results our members are seeing,” states Eric Buckner, CEO of 10 Fitness. “We continue to deliver this exceptional workout experience that members love, and that keeps them coming back for more.”

To learn more about the Cardio Cinema and how it’s transforming the fitness experience, or to join the fitness revolution at 10 Fitness, please contact:

Eric Buckner
10 Fitness
[email protected]

10 fitness logo (PRNewsfoto/10 Fitness, LLC)10 fitness logo (PRNewsfoto/10 Fitness, LLC)

10 fitness logo (PRNewsfoto/10 Fitness, LLC)


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