Biden not mentally, physically fit for another term, voters say

Biden not mentally, physically fit for another term, voters say

With President Joe Biden poised to easily claim the Democratic Party nomination for president in 2024, voters appear doubtful that the octogenarian commander-in-chief has the physical and mental capacity to complete a second term.

Sixty-four percent of registered voters in a recent Quinnipiac University survey said Biden, 81, did not have the mental fitness for a second term, compared to 34% who said he did.

A further 62% said he lacked the physical fitness for another term, compared to 35% who deemed him in sufficient shape to keep his job for another four years. Sixty-seven percent said Biden was too old for another term while 31% said his age was not an issue.

By contrast, 41% of respondents said Trump, 77, was too old for another term compared to 57% who said he was not too old. Voters were more confident in Trump’s physical fitness as well, with 60% saying he was in shape for another term while 37% said he wasn’t.

He again outperformed Biden in the mental fitness category, with 48% saying he was fit for another term, though 51% said he was not.

Despite the apparent gap in voter perceptions of their physical and mental fitness for office, Biden led Trump 49% to 45% in a hypothetical matchup.

Conducted Feb. 15-19, the survey questioned 1,421 registered voters and has a margin of error of +/- 2.6%.

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