Cardio Exercises: 5 Best Cardio Exercises To Do At Home

Cardio Exercises: 5 Best Cardio Exercises To Do At Home

Heart attack is one of the leading causes of death. In 2023, more than 1000 people succumbed to this cardiovascular failure, however, what shocks us more is that 80 per cent of the people belonged to the tender age group of 11-25 years.

Even though not much can be done to improve the situation on a larger level, an individual could make amends by improving their lifestyles with proper diet and cardiovascular exercises. Cardio workouts can help you preserve your heart health and burn calories.

To gain more information, we spoke to Rhea Ekhlas Shroff, Fitness and Nutrition Expert and Founder of Body Fit TV & The Diet Channel. She recommended a few cardio workouts that can be carried out at home.

Jumping Jacks

Jumpin Jacks are a great cardio exercise that is effective for multiple muscle groups and improves heart rate. Our expert says, “Begin with your feet together and arms at your sides. Jump up with your legs stretched apart and your arms up high. Go back to your starting posture and repeat for a set amount of time or repetitions.”

cardio exercises at home Jumping Jacks


Burpees are a great way to combine strength and cardio (Fun Cardio Exercises). Our expert says, “Begin with standing, then squatting and placing your hands on the floor. Jump your feet back into a plank position, then jump back in, stretching your arms high. Repeat this pattern for a given number of times, keeping good form throughout.”

cardio exercises at home Burpees

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Mountain Climbers

For strengthening your core and doing cardio, Mountain Climbers are the perfect exercise. Our expert instructs, “Begin in a plank position with your hands exactly beneath your shoulders and your body arranged in a straight line from head to heels. Drive one knee towards your chest and quickly swap legs (At-Home Leg Exercises), alternating back and forth in a running motion. Keep your core engaged and your hips level throughout the action. Aim for 30-60 seconds of continuous activity.”

High Knees

High Knees work to strengthen your legs, core, and cardiovascular system. Our expert suggests, “Stand with your feet slightly apart and lift your knees towards your chest, alternatively, as soon as possible. Pump your arms in sync with your legs to increase intensity and calorie burn. Aim to maintain a fast pace for 30 seconds to one minute, gradually increasing the duration as your fitness improves.”

cardio exercises at home High Knees

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