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Innovative Technology Ensures Quality Sleep and Improves Worker Safety in Offshore Environments — Occupational Health & Safety

Innovative Technology Ensures Quality Sleep and Improves Worker Safety in Offshore Environments

Innovative Technology Ensures Quality Sleep and Improves Worker Safety in Offshore Environments

While there are many physical hazards present in offshore environments, such as noise pollution, vibration, radiation and thermal extremes, oil and gas companies must stay committed to promoting employee safety with regular maintenance checks, ongoing training programs and a continued focus on employee health.

In the dynamic and challenging world of offshore work, employee well-being is crucial for maintaining a safe and productive environment. Rig workers typically endure extended shifts, commonly working in rotations that involve spending consecutive weeks on the rig. The work demands a high level of physical fitness, mental alertness and adaptability to unpredictable weather conditions. The noise from heavy machinery and equipment is pervasive, and the living quarters are often compact, shared spaces. Unsurprisingly, the camaraderie among the crew is a distinctive aspect of the job, as workers forge strong bonds due to the close-knit living and working arrangements.

While there are many physical hazards present in offshore environments, such as noise pollution, vibration, radiation and thermal extremes, oil and gas companies must stay committed to promoting employee safety with regular maintenance checks, ongoing training programs and a continued focus on employee health.

Healthy sleep is a critical part of anyone’s day-to-day function with benefits like improved brain performance, mood and health overall. Adequate sleep is associated with improved cognitive function, memory consolidation and emotional regulation. It acts as a rejuvenating force, aiding in the repair of tissues, muscle growth and the release of essential hormones. Moreover, a consistent and restful sleep pattern supports immune system function, reducing susceptibility to illnesses. Emotionally, sufficient sleep promotes mood stability and resilience to stress, fostering better mental health. Additionally, research from the US

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Madlab Business Redefines Fitness Coaching With Innovative Training Program

By following simple laws provided by the Madlab program, coaches can create a sustainable and predictable book of clients, ensuring their long-term success in the fitness industry.

In a bold move to address the challenges faced by micro-gym coaches and personal trainers, Madlab Business has introduced a professional coach development program. This program offers a solution to the age-old problems of limited earning potential and burnout among fitness professionals, transforming the fitness industry.

Fitness instructor training and CrossFit coach training have long been recognized as rewarding careers. Still, the traditional model often leaves coaches and trainers struggling to make ends meet, working long hours and relying on the number of hours they can coach rather than the results they can deliver. Madlab Business has taken a fresh approach to empower coaches to make substantial income without compromising their work-life balance.

“Our mission is to redefine the fitness industry and give coaches the tools they need to thrive while delivering exceptional results to their clients financially,” says a representative from Madlab Business.


Madlab Business recognizes that the current model lacks incentives for coaches to bring in new business and retain clients. The per-hour model has limitations, and the traditional paid-by-class model combined with a percentage of personal training income doesn’t provide the financial security that coaches deserve.

Madlab’s professional coach development program changes this model by introducing a proprietary performance-based pay system and a hybrid membership model. This innovative approach allows coaches to build a dedicated clientele willing to pay premium prices for their services. The program delivers results faster and more easily, enabling coaches to maximize their earnings and job satisfaction.

Madlab Business is not just changing the game for fitness professionals but also reshaping how gym owners, coaches,

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Madlab Business Introduces Innovative Fitness Business Model For Gym Owners

Madlab Business aims to provide a comprehensive remedy, which emphasizes mastering client retention and building a professional gym with full-time career coaches who earn a professional wage.

Madlab Business, a pioneer in the fitness industry, stands ready to transform the gym business landscape with its innovative fitness business model. Designed to tackle the common challenges encountered by gym owners, this business plan for gyms offers a proven solution to stop losing clients, coaches, and money.

Gym owners have long grappled with the complexities of client retention, staff turnover, and financial stability. They initially started their businesses hoping to achieve work-life balance and financial success. However, they often find themselves overwhelmed, constantly seeking the next marketing gimmick, and struggling with sales and cash flow. In response, Madlab’s Fitness Business Model offers a lifeline to gym owners, helping them level up while maintaining competitive pricing strategies.


“Our program can empower gym owners with the knowledge and tools they need to transform their businesses,” says a spokesperson for Madlab Business. “We understand the frustration associated with constantly searching for effective strategies. The Fitness Business Model is a game-changer that offers a simple yet effective approach to sales, client attraction, coach compensation, and profitability.”

Madlab’s Fitness Business Model encompasses essential components. It imparts client retention mastery, assisting gym owners in significantly increasing annual retention rates through proven intake and education processes. Furthermore, the company advocates the inclusion of professional full-time coaches, promoting career opportunities within the gym by implementing a performance-based pay model.

Additionally, the model strongly emphasizes revenue-boosting. The ‘PT 1st’ framework ensures that each new client contributes to gross revenue before becoming a member, thereby significantly enhancing overall revenue for gym owners.

“Madlab’s Owner Development Program is your all-in-one

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SportsArt to Supply BWH Hotel Group Fitness Centers With Energy-Generating Cardio Equipment

Seattle, Wash. — Feb. 13, 2024 — SportsArt, the leader in sustainable fitness and green solutions for over 40 years, has been selected by BWH Hotels as an endorsed supplier to outfit fitness centers in its hotels across the United States.

Most of the SportsArt catalog is available to BWH Hotels, from its innovative ECO-POWR™ line of energy-generating cardio equipment to its self-powered ECO-NATURAL™ cardio equipment. In fact, the ECO-POWR™ Elite line was designed specifically for the hospitality industry, combining user-friendly controls, reliable durability and energy-generating sustainability with a sleek, compact form. Additionally, BWH Hotels can select from SportsArt’s strength solutions, including the full range of Selectorized and Dual Function equipment. Every piece of equipment is designed and manufactured to SportsArt’s uncompromising quality and reliability standards, offering properties of BWH Hotels long-term, socially responsible fitness solutions that deliver the experience and value guests demand. 

Among SportsArt treadmills is the ECO-POWR™ Elite G660. The G660 is the industry’s first treadmill to have its carbon footprint independently certified. Based on the expected use in a commercial facility, the G660 has the potential to become carbon-negative within its expected life cycle—meaning it will produce enough clean energy to offset more carbon than its certified footprint, for an overall positive impact on our environment. This is one more powerful way that SportsArt equipment aligns with the sustainability values and goals of BWH Hotels. 

“Both SportsArt and BWH Hotels are deeply committed to sustainable solutions that benefit the planet and provide an excellent customer experience,” said Ruben Mejia, executive vice president, SportsArt Americas. “The full line of SportsArt cardio equipment that will be featured in the fitness centers of BWH Hotels properties consumes 32% less electricity than other brands on the market, plus it is created using a sustainable manufacturing process—allowing

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VyStar Credit Union launches interactive financial fitness initiative

VyStar Credit Union launches interactive financial fitness initiative

Boost Your Financial Know-How with our Quiz Challenge and a Chance to Win!

JACKSONVILLE, FL (February 7, 2024) — At a time when many individuals and families are in need of educational financial resources, VyStar Credit Union announces the launch of VyStar Financial Fitness. VyStar Financial Fitness encompasses free financial education resources covering savings, budgeting, investing, credit and more. Coupled with these resources is the opportunity for personal financial coaching to develop a tailored plan for building a strong financial future. At the heart of the initiative is a commitment to creating an easily accessible pathway to strong financial health.

“VyStar is passionate about breaking down barriers to financial education,” said VyStar Chief Marketing Officer Dana Karzan. “We have provided financial guidance to our members for over 70 years, and now with the launch of Financial Fitness, we’re solidifying our commitment to comprehensive member support — both personal and digital — to provide innovative solutions in a way that best fits their needs.”

The journey to financial wellness begins at vystarcu.org/financialfitness, where individuals can take the VyStar Financial Fitness Quiz. The quiz asks about spending and saving habits, borrowing behaviors and long-term financial planning. In just minutes, participants receive a financial health score and gain immediate insight into their financial well-being across crucial categories. Participants are then guided to a selection of practical tools and resources designed to address their specific needs, from effective budgeting and smart savings strategies to understanding and improving credit scores.

By simply completing the Financial Fitness Quiz, participants are automatically entered to win $4,500*, a substantial boost for savings or investment goals. “We’re adding an exciting incentive to begin the journey toward stronger financial health and a better future,” Karzan said. “In today’s environment, it’s

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EGYM and Life Fitness Expands Existing Global Partnership

Munich and Rosemont, Ill., (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- EGYM, the global fitness technology and corporate health innovation leader, and Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment, are thrilled to announce the expansion of their strategic partnership, further elevating the cardio workout experience. This collaboration unites EGYM’s cutting-edge fitness technology with Life Fitness’ innovative cardio equipment, promising gym-goers an unmatched exercise experience.

As part of this partnership expansion, EGYM and Life Fitness are working diligently on a new Smart Cardio integration project. This project, inspired by EGYM’s Smart Cardio system, is designed to revolutionize cardio workouts for gym members and is expected to be launched in the first half of 2024.

The Smart Cardio integration merges EGYM’s advanced fitness software with Life Fitness’ state-of-the-art cardio equipment featuring the digitally immersive Discover SE4 console, creating a seamless and data-rich workout environment. Members will benefit from real-time workout data, performance tracking, and personalized exercise recommendations, all tailored to individual fitness goals.

Dedicated to redefining innovation and excellence within the fitness industry, this partnership reflects both companies’ shared commitment to developing software and hardware technology for fitness facilities to achieve outstanding results.

“Our partnership with Life Fitness exemplifies the benefits of our digital ecosystem,” said Philipp Roesch-Schlanderer, CEO, EGYM. “Thanks to our open platform, studio operators have full compatibility and members enjoy a seamless top cardio experience.”

“Life Fitness is committed to offering our customers the ability to personalize their equipment experience according to their unique needs,” said Dan Wille, Chief Product Officer, Life Fitness. “We’re excited about advancing our partnership with EGYM and, through our open ecosystem, giving operators the flexibility to integrate EGYM software with our premium cardio equipment.”

For more information about this expanded global partnership and the forthcoming Smart Cardio integration, please contact:


Media Contact: [Hans-Jürgen Croissant]

Email: [[email protected]]


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Hefty USDA grant pushes Metro Detroit schools to become innovative with healthy initiatives

Grant pushes Metro Detroit schools to become innovative with healthy initiatives

Grant pushes Metro Detroit schools to become innovative with healthy initiatives


(CBS DETROIT) – Improving nutrition is the goal of one Metro Detroit school district. After a hefty grant, the ball is rolling with Lincoln-King High School in Detroit pushing healthy plate options.

Underserved communities often lack access to healthy meals. It’s a reality across America. A U.S. Department of Agriculture grant is boosting schools’ opportunities to make sure students are introduced to good but healthy foods.

“Many of our students, they don’t understand the importance of a healthy meal or the importance of nutrition,” said Michael Newton, a chef at Lincoln-King High School.

Pushing healthy meals is what schools across the U.S. are getting a boost at. Locally, Cornerstone Education Group (CEG) received $300,000 for the USDA’s Healthy Meals initiative.

The goal is to help schools with supplies or develop new meal plans and or programs. At Lincoln-King High, the culinary lab feeds all students, and it’s already introducing many to new flavors and cooking styles.

“They will eat the foods if we create something that tastes good smells good and looks good it’s not just basic,” said Elijah Richardson, CEG Network Athletic Fitness director.

Performance and food can go hand in hand. School leaders connect better eating habits to better performance. Those habits can positively affect the community as they can transfer home.

“It’ll benefit their child but the family as well because they’ll have the opportunity to transfer what they learn here into the home,” Newton said.

Recently hiring a chef, the school hopes to show students that fruits and other nutritional choices like yogurt can be tasteful.

“When you have blueberries on a plate a lot of students wouldn’t touch it, but now

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VMO renews Fitness Lifestyle account

VMO and Fitness & Lifestyle Group (FLG) have renewed their partnership, which will see VMO continue representing media within Fitness First, Goodlife Health Clubs and ZAP Fitness across Australia.

The renewed contract will see VMO and the APAC health & wellness group FLG commit to a multi-year agreement across 97 Goodlife Health Clubs, 50 Fitness First and 87 ZAP Fitness gyms, as the sole outdoor media partner.

Fitness and Lifestyle Group CEO and managing director, Greg Oliver, says VMO is the market leader in the health and wellness media space, known for its quality network and innovative brand solutions.

“Extending our partnership with them was an obvious and strategic decision, and we are excited to strengthen our collaboration with this premier outdoor provider, where they will continue representing media across Fitness First, Goodlife Health Clubs, and Zap Fitness in Australia,” he says.

As part of the agreement, VMO will invest further CAPEX into 131 clubs across the group to deliver an additional 1600 new TV screens pre-configured for programmatic advertising. The new TV screens will be available to advertisers in the coming months.

Anthony Deeble, chief commercial officer of The HOYTS Group and VMO, says the team is thrilled to sign another multi-year term with the team at FLG to continue as the outdoor partner across Goodlife, Fitness First and ZAP Fitness in Australia.

“Affirming our commitment to own the health and wellness media space. We’re also dedicated to the expansion and ongoing development of our assets within clubs, with an additional 1600 TV screens to be activated in the coming months,” says Deeble.

Paul Butler, managing director of VMO, says the company is excited to continue giving advertisers the opportunity to be present among high-value audiences with positive mindsets –a proven contributor to brand growth.

“We’re equally

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Visible wants to track your illness, more than your fitness

There’s no shortage of health and fitness trackers — the list of suppliers is as long as my arm, ranging from the mainstream (Apple, Google, Samsung, Fitbit, Withings) to the more esoteric and specialized (Polar, Suunto, Garmin). The assumption underpinning each of those devices is that you’re more or less healthy, and wanting to get in better shape.

But what if you’re not healthy? Visible is lending its voice to the healthcare tech revolution — providing a much-needed spotlight on the underserved, all while offering hope to millions wrestling with persistent chronic illnesses, including long COVID.

The company has emerged as a game changer in healthcare tech, bringing to the landscape an innovative “illness tracker” that is helping users better manage their physical discomforts — a departure from the fitness-focused mentality that dominates most existing health wearables in the market. The company’s software, which comes in the form of iOS and Android apps, is harnessing the power of health technology and advanced data analytics to address the needs of severe cases of chronic illness — a market that Harry Leeming, co-founder and CEO at Visible, describes as “wildly underserved.”

Visible didn’t initially set out to become a diagnostic tool for long COVID or other chronic illnesses. Rather, its journey began with the simple aim of streamlining patient communication during the chaos of the COVID eruption. However, Leeming soon recognized the urgency of the long COVID problem and turned to the idea of building the “illness tracker.”

“People are eager to move the conversation on from COVID, but the truth is chronic fatigue was a problem long before long COVID hit the headlines. Chronic Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome — there was already a huge community of patients that were underserved. Long COVID is the strongest ‘why now’ slide

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3rd Annual Good for the Heart Family Fitness Event

United Way of Broward County’s NextGen United to host 3rd Annual Good for the Heart family fitness event at Hagen Park on Saturday, February 3, 2024.

At this Fit Fun Family Morning, attendees will get their heart rates up, while supporting United Way of Broward County and learning about the significance of healthy choices.

Trainers from Fitness at Your Door will offer an array of activities to get the weekend started on the right foot. Exercises will include an agility obstacle course, a wheelbarrow race, a relay race, a push-up/squat contest, a ball toss, tug of war, and more!

Children ages 5 and up are welcome. Snacks and water will be provided.

NextGen United is a network of emerging leaders who share a passion for advancing community solutions in their own backyard. Through networking events, hands-on volunteering opportunities and innovative leadership trainings, NextGen United leverages the power of United Way to connect, serve and grow – both personally and professionally.

DETAILS: Tickets are $30 for adults and $10 for children (5-17 years old). To register, please visit: https://www.unitedwaybroward.org/event/fit-fun-family-morning/

For more information, please email Kathryn Holcomb at [email protected] or call her at 954.308.9280.

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