Fitness Center holds its first lifting competition free for students | Lifestyles

The Fitness Center is implementing a lifting competition, finding new and innovative ways for students to get involved with the campus gym community.

The competition took place early this weekend and had a range of competitors participating in different events.

The main events for this specific competition were deadlift and bench press. The competitors then attempted the lift, and their best score was taken.

Multiple of the competitors said they feel that lifting has affected them in more ways than just physically. Senior Kyle Hall, electrical engineering major, said he started his lifting journey in high school. He said he believed the gym to be another motivator, and that the sport has impacted his mental health positively, helping him stay in shape both mentally and physically.

“It is a great way to escape from the stressors of college and is a great way to meet people too,” Hall said.

While lifting, Hall said there have been a lot of positive moments, but the opportunity to lift in competition has been an exciting new accomplishment for him.

Amber Powell, exercise science and psychology major, said lifting has brought her many different positive opportunities. Powell has also taken this passion and mixed it into her career: being a personal trainer at SIUE.

“[Lifting weights] has really improved my self-confidence. I used to be really introverted,” Powell said.

The winners of the competition were divided into male and women. They were then chosen by body weight compared to weight they lifted. For the male category the winner was Austin Dornberger a sophomore engineering major and for the female category was Jasmine Mendoza a junior physical therapy major.

SIUE Fitness has constantly been adapting with different ways to find community within the gym. The lifting competition is only the start — they said they plan to continue to have different opportunities for student involvement with different competitions, clubs and groups for free for students to get connected.

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