Fitness pros reveal why some people will probably never get abs…no matter how much exercise they do

Fitness pros reveal why some people will probably never get abs…no matter how much exercise they do

Of all the hallmarks of a sculpted body, a toned midriff is perhaps the most in demand.

Polls of gym-going women have found that reducing tummy fat is one of the most common reasons cited for exercizing. 

Abdominals are commonly listed as a ‘problem spot’ where extra fat gathers, according to research by experts at the University of Alberta.

But do you find that, no matter how many crunches and planks you do, your abdomen never quite looks like the kind you see in TikTok videos?

Don't feel downhearted if your ab workout isn't fruitful - for some people, it's out of their control

Don’t feel downhearted if your ab workout isn’t fruitful – for some people, it’s out of their control

Experts have revealed why some people may find it particularly difficult to tone their tummy.

According to Michele Scharff Olson, senior clinical professor in the department of sport science and physical education at Huntingdon College in Alamaba, it’s bad news if you’re a woman.

‘In general, men have lower levels of fat from the waist down,’ she told Yahoo. ‘Men also have more testosterone, which is a boost to developing musculature in the abdominal area and entire body. 

‘So, generally speaking, younger men or women who have a fat distribution more like a male, will achieve more noticeable results.’

Araceli De Leon, a certified personal trainer based in California, agrees, admitting getting a six pack is ‘particularly difficult for women‘.

A super toned tummy is only possible if body fat levels are at an absolute minimum – the lowest amount needed for the body to function properly, the experts say.

And men need far less than women – at least half the amount, especially around the middle, says De Leon.

Lowering body fat involves embarking on a calorie restrictive diet over a significant period of time, along with cardio exercises that burn extra calories – as well as ones to maintain muscle tone.

However, experts have long warned of the dangers of having too little body fat – including hormone and fertility problems, heart beat abnormalities and an increased risk of bone breakages.

‘The most important thing to understand about wanting and having sculpted abs is that it is an aesthetic goal — it is not a health goal,’ De Leon said.

‘A person can be very healthy and strong and not have a defined six-pack.’

She adds that, for some, the desire to look the part is more powerful than the drive to be healthy – and many stay at an unhealthily low body fat level to achieve it.

‘That is neither sustainable nor healthy,’ said De Leon. ‘The main priority should be your health.’

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