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The festive season in the country has truly begun; we celebrate many beautiful moments with our family and friends and create memories full of love, laughter and happiness. And of course delicious food which can sometimes be a tad too rich. While it’s natural to indulge during these special times, we still need to strike a balance and be mindful of our health, especially our hearts. After all, a healthy heart allows us to enjoy these festivities for years to come.

The good trend is that people are getting increasingly fitness conscious and lifestyle choices, diet and exercise regimens dominate many a drawing-room conversation. However, the one thing that doesn’t happen often enough is a discussion around ensuring you get the best medical attention for your heart, should you need it.

The one thing that can really help you ensure your heart is in good hands is Health Insurance; it will allow you to get your heart the medical attention it deserves without blowing through your savings. In the fast-paced and uncertain environment of today, the incidence of heart disease is, unfortunately, on the rise, and it isn’t just a medical problem, but also financial one. Health Insurance can give you the much-required cushion to address this health issue with confidence and focus on getting better rather than paying medical bills. To dive into more specifics, let us discuss in detail the impact of healthcare costs and the vital role of insurance.

Direct and indirect cost – A significant challenge

Heart disease is a mix of conditions affecting the heart’s function, like coronary artery disease, heart failure, and arrhythmias. The financial impact includes direct healthcare costs: consultations, tests, meds, surgeries, and rehab. Many struggle to afford these, highlighting the need for a good health insurance plan. It ensures medical treatments are within reach and eases the financial pressure on those dealing with heart-related health issues. 

Besides, heart ailments also bring indirect costs like productivity loss due to disability, absenteeism, and premature mortality. This hits not just individuals and families but also employers and the economy at large. The typical expenses for treating diverse heart-related conditions amount to around Rs. Three lakhs at the very least, with insurance companies typically covering most of these costs depending on sum insured and policy terms. Good health insurance helps mitigate these by facilitating timely medical help and faster return to work. 

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Education and Prevention: A Dual Approach

The financial burden related to heart disease can be devastating, especially in low- and middle-income countries, pushing families into poverty. Insurance acts as a safety net, preventing this financial downfall by covering a big part of the healthcare costs. Insurance companies can also educate individuals on heart health, preventive steps, and the perks of early detection and intervention.

In this festive season, let’s rally for better health insurance coverage to take care of both our health and wealth, and ensure continued prosperity. Governments, insurance providers, and healthcare groups can team up to create policies that make affordable insurance accessible for heart patients. Also, spreading awareness about heart health through campaigns, regular check-ups, and rewarding preventive measures can significantly reduce heart disease’s prevalence and its economic burden.

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A Call to Action: Prioritizing Heart Health

In a nutshell, the economic impact of heart disease is widespread, affecting individuals, families, employers, and society as a whole.  Comprehensive Health Insurance is a lifeline, making sure people get needed care without facing the financial burden.

This festive season let’s prioritize our heart, in more ways than one. Let’s celebrate responsibly, make informed choices and ensure we are adequately covered with the right insurance. By doing so, we can also ensure that the festivities remain joyful, vibrant, and full of life for many more years to come. After all, overall good health is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and our loved ones.

May this season be a reminder to embrace a heart-healthy lifestyle and fortify it with the shield of health insurance. Here’s to a festive season brimming with love, laughter, and a healthy heart!

This article has been written by Shanai Ghosh, MD & CEO, Zuno General Insurance. Views expressed above are personal.

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