Innovative Fitness Launches Flagship Location on Bloor Street in Toronto, Eyes Expansion and New Wellness Services [Interview]

Innovative Fitness Launches Flagship Location on Bloor Street in Toronto, Eyes Expansion and New Wellness Services [Interview]

Innovative Fitness, a personalized wellness and fitness gym in Canada, has recently opened its newest flagship location on Bloor Street in Toronto, has ambitious expansion plans, and is looking to add new services.

Unlike a traditional gym, Innovative Fitness focuses on one-on-one services such as personal training, nutritional coaching, rehabilitation and wellness services, and will keep innovating new services to meet consumer needs – distinguishing Innovative Fitness from other fitness companies in Canada. It is also the largest personalized wellness studio in North America. 

Curtis Christopherson

Innovative Fitness currently has locations in British Columbia and Ontario with a total of 16 locations, including Innovative Fitness Toronto (The Ritz-Carlton), Forest Hill, Riverside and Club Apex at The Maple, The Selby and The Taylor, along with its newest location at 33 Bloor Street in Toronto

“Innovative Fitness has been around for more than 25 years. We are an established brand as we are one of the first personal training businesses in the market in North America, and we have become the leaders in personalized wellness and fitness,” says Curtis Christopherson, the CEO of Innovative Fitness. “Bloor Street was actually signed before Covid and we were getting ready to launch in Spring of 2020, unfortunately we had to navigate close to four years of determining how we were going to launch. It was destined to be our flagship in Canada and we are so excited to have that as our flagship location of the brand.”

Moving forward 

Innovative Fitness Bloor, Toronto, ON (Image: Nick Lachance)
Innovative Fitness Bloor, Toronto, ON (Image: Nick Lachance)

As for expansion plans in Canada, the company is looking to expand by ten locations in Ontario and is exploring potential growth opportunities in British Columbia. The Ontario locations will primarily be surrounding the Greater Toronto Area and in BC, Christopherson says they will be looking at Burnaby and Richmond – locations and timeline for both provinces are unknown as of right now. 

“We believe that Ontario is a significant market for us and is our primary focus, we believe that there is a unique opportunity to continue to grow our brand. We believe that Ontario and British Columbia offer significant opportunities for future franchise growth there. We have a couple of areas to explore, such as Burnaby and Richmond, but other than those two regions, we have really captured most of the markets we are looking for.” 

The Lundrigan brothers, David and Ryan, are the driving force behind opening new locations and establishing the brand in the Toronto market. They have an extensive background in the health and wellness industry and have made the Bloor St location a reality.

Innovative Fitness Bloor, Toronto, ON (Image: Nick Lachance)

As for other provinces in Canada, Christopherson says they will not be expanding further in Canada right now as its main focus is directed towards Ontario, British Columbia, and into the United States.

Christopherson says the brand plans to enter the United States by 2025 with focus on the West Coast. Locations Christopherson is interested in include the State of Washington with key interest in Seattle and Bellevue; California with key interest towards San Diego, and the East Coast with interest in Chicago, Boston, and Miami.  

Expanding Services 

Innovative Fitness Bloor, Toronto, ON (Image: Nick Lachance)

In addition to its expansion plans, Innovative Fitness continues to innovate its service offerings. Christopherson says the brand has introduced assessment tools, video screening, and body composition testing. 

The brand has also recently launched a digital recommendation tool where its professional training coaches can recommend products that “they love and trust, helping people reach their goals. So whether it is supplementation, equipment, or nutritional offerings, they can now recommend through a digital platform. They can offer products to the client without having to go to a store or buy online, so it is a unique innovation that we just launched.” 

As for future services, Christopherson says the brand is looking into hot and cold therapy, including saunas and cold plunges. The brand is also looking at external partnerships to include full body MRIs as well as blood profiling assessments that are going to evaluate both hormone and immune health.

“We are just going through the process right now. I mean, our big focus is personalization and optimization as that is a primary focus of our business going forward. And so, we are planning on launching some of these new services by Q4 of this year.” 

Innovative Fitness Bloor, Toronto, ON (Image: Nick Lachance)

All Innovative Fitness locations Christopherson says are mostly the same as some locations offer other wellness services such as osteopathy and massages, but “for the most part, it is personalized one-on-one training as well as nutritional coaching.” 

Christopherson says he is in the process right now of getting all its services approved by insurance company health spending accounts so more people can access Innovative Fitness. 

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