Manchester Township Police Finish Second Place at Manalapan Fitness Competition

MANCHESTER, NJ – Manchester Township Police officers earned the second-place position at the recently held Second Annual Manalapan Township Fitness Competition, a physically demanding event that brought together multiple first responder teams to vie for the title of “The Fittest Agency.”

Officers Kamar Gainey, Brendan Brush, Connor Maliff, and Lorenzo Jorge represented Manchester Township in the competition. The event consisted of a challenging course filled with various functional training exercises that tested the teams’ physical prowess and teamwork.

The Manchester Police Department extended their congratulations to the Stafford Township Police Department, who secured the first-place title. In a jovial social media post, Manchester Police said, “Also, congratulations to the Stafford Township Police Department on your victory in this challenge! As you hang up that trophy, please take care not to let your patrol whistle and sam brown suffer any unexpected scuffs or scrapes 😬.”

The event not only provided a platform to test the physical fitness and preparedness of first responder teams but also encouraged camaraderie and sportsmanship among the participating agencies.

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