“My Water Broke”: Physically Fit Woman in 39th Week of Pregnancy Storms Gym, Gives Birth After Excercise

  • A woman who is heavily pregnant got people talking with the strenuous exercises she performed at a gym
  • The woman explained in a TikTok video that she was in the 39th week of her pregnancy when she went to the gym
  • Amazingly, her water broke when she was performing the exercise, and she gave birth shortly after then

A physically fit pregnant woman stormed the gym and performed energy-sapping exercises.

TikTok user, @fitbydes posted the video of when she went to exercise her body in the 39th week of her pregnancy.

Photos of a <a href=pregnant woman performing excercises at a gym.” title=”Photos of a pregnant woman performing excercises at a gym.” sizes=”(max-width: 1021px) calc(100vw – 2 * 13px), (max-width: 1400px) calc((100vw – 2 * 20px – 2 * 20px) / 2), 800px”/>
The woman stormed the gym in the 39th week of pregnancy and gave birth thereafter. Photo credit: TikTok/@fitbydes.
Source: TikTok

From the 16 seconds video, it could be seen that the woman is enthusiastic about keeping her body fit all the time, even with her heavy baby bump.

Pregnant woman performs exercises with passion

The woman stormed the treadmill and ran what looked like a fast race. It was like she gave no thought to her baby bump.

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She was also seen lifting very heavy objects and throwing them up in a way that impacted her waist and hands.

Amazingly, she said five hours after she visited the gym, her water broke, and she gave birth the next day.

At the moment, the video has attracted 640,000 likes and 8.4 million views on TikTok.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users

@NIYA. said:

“Well dam, I have no excuse now. Congratulations!”

@Stephania commented:

“She wanted at all costs to get the baby out that day it’s not possible.”

@Janelle said:

“And me in my 9th month on my couch at the end of my life.”

@Genay commented:

“Lmao, baby said yeah get my outta here. Congratulations mama!.”

@Owliya Mohamud said:

“And there’s me laying in bed complaining of back pain.”

@Krissy Krissy reacted:

“All I can do is walk baby that is it, that is all.”

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@Diana Lively said:

“I love seeing pregnant women get exercise in. You’re in inspiration for real.”

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