Palazzo Fiuggi Is Italy’s Most Innovative Wellness Retreat

If wellness is defined as “a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, fueling the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit” then you could say Italy is the ultimate wellness destination. With its alluringly slow pace of life, seasonal cuisine, strong family ties and the importance of balance in all things, there’s a reason Italians have one of the longest lifespans on earth. It is a destination that celebrates beauty and pleasure, while favoring balance in all things. Work hard, and then indulge in a well-earned vacation. Work out, and then enjoy a bowl of spaghetti by the sea.

In Italy, health has always been integrated holistically into daily life. And with the arrival of Palazzo Fiuggi, a state-of-the-art wellness medical retreat, Italy is emerging as a leader in innovative well-being as well.

Located just 1 hour drive from Rome, the hilltop town of Fiuggi has long been renowned for its therapeutical thermal waters that boost the immune system. Legendary figures like Pope Boniface VIII and Michelangelo spent time in Fiuggi to cure kidney ailments, and Fiuggi’s mineral springs still cleanse and purify locals to this day. Set 700 meters above sea level, Fiuggi is surrounded by verdant mountains which also mean mild temperatures and clean air — all within close proximity to bustling cities like Rome and Naples.

A Heritage Retreat

Palazzo Fiuggi, which looks out onto the picturesque town, is an opulent, Art Deco era villa immersed in a private 8-hectare park. Built in 1913 and originally named Grand Hotel Palazzo della Fonte, the hotel was designed to be the most luxurious hotel in all of Europe. It became a meeting place for politicians and luminaries, and it was a popular summer retreat for the Italian King Vittorio Emanuele II and the Royal family.

Following a 30-million-euro redevelopment by Lorenzo Giannuzzi of the Forte Village group, the property has been reopened as Palazzo Fiuggi, a brand committed to helping guests pursue “a longer life, better lived.” The hotel features frescoed ballrooms, elegant salons and one of Italy’s first outdoor swimming pools. Palazzo Fiuggi boasts 102 impressive rooms and suites— many have panoramic views and some have balconies — and Fiuggi’s thermal water arrives directly to the hotel so guests have direct access to the source.

In terms of its wellness facilities, no expense has been spared: white marble, golden mosaics and Murano chandeliers are present throughout the property, creating a truly sumptuous atmosphere to detox and decompress. Palazzo Fiuggi’s spa and medical facilities span 6,000 sqm and include 21 treatment rooms, 8 beauty cabins, indoor and outdoor pools, a dedicated yoga studio, hydro circuit rooms, Himalayan salt room and more.

The palazzo’s former ballroom, featuring stucco ceilings and Murano chandeliers, has been transformed into the Workout Movement Lab with state-of-the-art gym equipment including ICAROS, a virtual reality fitness device that gamifies your workout experience.

The Treatments

At Palazzo Fiuggi, wellness transcends the ordinary to provide unique journeys to uplift the body, mind and soul. The property offers six programmes that merge advanced medical practices with holistic philosophies: Longevity and Rejuvenation, Optimal Weight, Deep Detox, Immuno Boost, Aging Naturally and Restore and Balance (which hosts Malibu’s popular wellness brand The Ranch and also includes an Ayurveda Focus). The programmes range from 3-nights to 3-weeks and are fully inclusive of all treatments, personalized meals and consultations with an expert team of physicians and therapists who curate treatments tailored to individual needs.

A 7-day Optimal Weight programme includes two Celliss slimming treatments, two Thalassotherapy sessions, a 3-step Hydro Cure, a Hammam cleansing ritual, five personal training sessions, 3D body scans, nutritional consultations, colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage massages and more.

Palazzo Fiuggi also has an extensive à la carte medical and spa menu so guests can add-on various treatments, from ozone therapy and bioelectrical impedance analysis to microbiota testing and ultrasounds. Beauty treatments include Radiesse biostimulation, Dermamelan treatments, botox and dermatological microsurgery.

Food As Medicine

Nutrition is an essential part of the Palazzo Fiuggi experience, and though many guests stay at the retreat to detox or lose weight, they will be nourished throughout their programme. Heinz Beck, the legendary German chef behind the Michelin-starred La Pergola in Rome, has worked closely with Prof. David Della Morte Canosci, Palazzo Fiuggi’s Medical and Scientific Director, to develop a culinary program.

Over 1,000 recipes have been developed using locally-sourced, biodynamic produce that is healthy, healing and delicious. Guests receive a printed copy of their daily menu each morning, and daily menus range from 1,200 calories to 2,000 calories. You can expect to find dishes like lentil soup with sweet and sour vegetables, marinated sea bass with basil, citrus and cashews, and zucchini noodles. No coffee or alcohol is served at Palazzo Fiuggi but an assortment of herbal teas and Fiuggi water — available in still and sparkling versions — are available throughout the day.

Meals are served in the property’s sun-filled Sala Quattro Continenti (Four Continents Room), an atrium adorned with frescoes depicting Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The service is warm and friendly, and all meals are concluded with a healthy dessert and a detoxifying tea. Guests can also enjoy daily smoothies in the Tisaneria (Herbal Tea Room), flip through design books in the Library and catch an evening film at the property’s 20-seat cinema.

Palazzo Fiuggi stands as a testament to Italy’s enduring commitment to holistic well-being, a fusion of its storied history with modern luxury. Whether indulging in innovative therapies rooted in cutting-edge medical research or experiencing traditional practices steeped in centuries-old wisdom, guests emerge from each experience feeling revitalized and transformed.

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