Ridez to launch innovative cycling safety and efficiency solutions

Ridez to launch innovative cycling safety and efficiency solutions

The Ridez App is not just a mobile application; it’s a vibrant community hub that enhances the cycling experience. With a simple tap on the screen, users can access a range of services aimed at elevating the ease and safety of their cycling adventures. It fosters a sense of community among cyclists and opens the door to an enriching world of cycling experiences.

Ridez+ is a smart IoT device that can be easily mounted on various parts of a bicycle, such as the handlebars or seat post. This lightweight, weatherproof, and durable device is equipped with sensors and accelerometers that continuously monitor the cyclist’s movements. It can detect sudden changes indicative of a potential accident, such as rapid deceleration, abrupt changes in direction, or strong impacts. In case of a collision or accident, Ridez+ automatically sends notifications to the nearest medical services and first responders, ensuring prompt assistance.

The official launch of Ridez App and Ridez+ is scheduled for November 25, 2023, during Tomorrow’s Ride, a highly anticipated cycling event hosted by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University. This event is part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge and is being organised in partnership with the ports, customs and free zone corporation, and in coordination with the Dubai Sports Council.

Ridez’s mission aligns perfectly with the UAE’s vision for promoting micro mobility and healthier, more sustainable modes of transportation. The UAE has been investing substantially in infrastructure and facilities catering to cycling enthusiasts, with a growing network of dedicated bike lanes and state-of-the-art cycling facilities. This commitment is transforming the urban landscape, positioning the UAE as a hub for cyclists of all levels, from recreational riders to professional athletes.

Ridez is not only ushering in a new era of safer and more efficient micro mobility but is also contributing to the UAE’s overall fitness and wellness goals. The startup’s innovative solutions promise to make cycling a more accessible and appealing choice for residents and tourists alike.

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