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Winners of 2023 Garmin Health Awards announced

The event recognises cutting-edge healthcare and wellness solutions that help improve health outcomes for businesses and individuals.

Winners of 2023 Garmin Health Awards announced
The 2023 Garmin Health Summit in Singapore.

Jörn Watzke, Garmin Health senior director of Global Business-to-Business Sales, said, “We are proud to recognise this year’s extremely impressive health and wellness solutions. It’s truly inspiring and motivating to see such a high level of innovation. On behalf of everyone at Garmin, congratulations to all the winners and to all who participated in the Garmin Health Awards.”

The winners were chosen based on their solutions’ scalability, uniqueness, innovation, and how it brought benefit to users, along with the successful integration of Garmin wearables.

Healthcare and Research category winner: Blue Room Biometrics powered by Real Response (Australia).

BlueRoom Biometrics integrates live data from Garmin smartwatches and fitness trackers into virtual and mixed reality training experiences. Utilising the Garmin Health SDK, the system provides facilitators with real-time data and stress measurements that can be used to customise training experiences for each user. In addition, an AI engine has been developed to automate this process and make training safer and more effective.

Real Response has revolutionised emergency training in Australia. Initially offering traditional first-aid courses, the company evolved into a leader in immersive, simulation-enhanced training. With the introduction of BlueRoom, Real Response has expanded into mixed reality, setting new standards in hands-on, realistic experiences.

Winners of 2023 Garmin Health Awards announced
The winners of the 2023 Garmin Health Awards

Insurance and Employee Health category winner: Sleep Advice Technologies (Italy)

Sleep Advice Technologies developed ‘PREDICTS’, a family of patented algorithms designed to predict the onset of sleep in a subject. Providing real-time analysis of subject fatigue based upon a model of the autonomous nervous system, ‘PREDICTS’ generates an alarm about the soon-to-happen transition from awake to drowsy state to predict the onset of sleep

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