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Chris Merrell offers virtual reality workouts to help clients find wellness and fitness that works for them. TIFFANY DUONG/Keys Weekly

“Revolutionary.” “Euphoric.” “Life-Changing.” 

This is what body tempering clients are saying about the innovative new service now being offered at Beyond Traditional Wellness (BTW) in Tavernier.

When Chris Merrell opened up the boutique fitness and wellness center in the Upper Keys, he knew he wanted to help people feel great in their bodies. The storefront has since moved to Tavernier, but the health enthusiast continues to offer fully personalized, tailored training plans for his clients. These aren’t cookie-cutter New Year’s resolution-style plans. Rather, Merrell talks with clients to understand their challenges, goals and needs. Then he uses his years of training in fitness coaching and recovery therapies to customize workouts and recovery options that optimize results. 

“You can’t just train,” the fitness guru said. “You gotta train and recover. Fitness is a balance of training and recovery.” This two-pronged approach explains why Merrell’s offerings always include so much more beyond traditional wellness – way more than the typical gym with a bunch of machines.

Body tempering is the newest recovery service Merrell is offering, and clients are loving it.

“Body tempering is a method of soft tissue manipulation,” he said. “It’s a myofascial release technique using heavy tools – 20 to 80 pounds or more – as rollers that apply constant and steady pressure into a muscle. Through this, a deeper relaxation of that muscle group can be achieved.”

Myofascia is the connective tissue covering everything in the body. Similar to tendons and ligaments, fascia wraps around muscles and body parts to hold them together. And, just as everyday stress from life can build up muscle tensions, it can also increase myofascial tensions. Massage helps release the former while body

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