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Roselawn Fitness Center grand reopening on Dec. 3 | Local News

The Roselawn Fitness Center is holding its long-awaited grand (re)opening celebration. Expected to be joining new owners Edward J. Butler and Reverend Frank J. McCullough for the occasion will be the center’s founders, Sharron and Chip Runyan.

Doors open on Sunday, Dec. 3, at noon and concludes at 4 p.m. All are welcome.

Located at 302 W. Roselawn St. in Danville, the Center had served the community for 33 years before closing in 2022.

Guests will be treated to a tour of the fitness center’s revitalized weight room, exercise room, gymnasium, shower rooms, locker rooms, and juice bar. Along with free concessions and giveaway items, those attending the grand opening will learn about the center’s on-site training and fitness programs. They’ll also be given priority access to discounted annual membership.

The new owners say that center’s mission is to promote “healthy bodies and minds” among people young and old. Says Rev. McCullough, “The Three Kings of Peace are committed to improving people’s quality of life. Along with working to make our community a safer place to live, we also see an urgency to help people improve their spiritual and physical wellbeing.”

To that end, the fitness center’s watchword is affordability. As Rev. McCullough says, “Becoming a member of the Roselawn Fitness Center shouldn’t feel like taking out a car loan or paying rent on an apartment. Mr. Butler and I want to be able to offer people fitness services that the average person can afford.”

For more information about the Open House or the plans for the revival of the Roselawn Fitness Center, contact Butler at 217-920-2825 or McCullough at 217-766-8735.

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