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Huawei opens new Health Lab to advance its global efforts

Doha, Qatar: Huawei yesterday announced the opening of a new Huawei Health Lab in Helsinki, Finland. Equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment, the new lab will serve as the research platform for Huawei’s health & fitness category.

Spread across almost 1000 square metres, the lab features diverse, world class sports equipment covering over 20 sports types. Each area will showcase Huawei’s wearable sports and fitness algorithms in real-life applications. At the same time, these will serve as open research platforms that contribute to technological research, detection and verification, standards R&D and industry incubation.

Acknowledging the growing need in the health and fitness market, Huawei has pledged to deepen its research in health monitoring algorithms through its wearable technologies. This led to the establishment of three Health Lab across the globe since 2016: Xi’an and Songshan Lakes in China, and now one in Helsinki, Finland.

This year, Huawei in cooperation with IPSOS conducted a health survey of over 8,000 participants in 8 European countrieas.

This survey revealed that 92% of the respondents want to improve at least one aspect of their health-related lifestyle and only 50% of them are satisfied with their physical fitness levels. Huawei continues to invest in sports and health R&D to meet this growing consumer demand. The HuaweiHealth lab in Finland is staffed with a multidisciplinary scientific research team comprising 6 PhDs and 20 experts from 5 major fields – physiology, AI, machine learning, software testing, and software engineering – across 7 EU countries. This assures that every area of research meets the world’s advanced standards.

The laboratory has built true-to-life sports environments and scenarios in 5 major testing areas covering more than 20 sports and tracking over 200 physiological and biomechanical indicators. Participants will be monitored while using Huawei’s latest wearable devices, such as the Huawei Watch

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