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Visible wants to track your illness, more than your fitness

There’s no shortage of health and fitness trackers — the list of suppliers is as long as my arm, ranging from the mainstream (Apple, Google, Samsung, Fitbit, Withings) to the more esoteric and specialized (Polar, Suunto, Garmin). The assumption underpinning each of those devices is that you’re more or less healthy, and wanting to get in better shape.

But what if you’re not healthy? Visible is lending its voice to the healthcare tech revolution — providing a much-needed spotlight on the underserved, all while offering hope to millions wrestling with persistent chronic illnesses, including long COVID.

The company has emerged as a game changer in healthcare tech, bringing to the landscape an innovative “illness tracker” that is helping users better manage their physical discomforts — a departure from the fitness-focused mentality that dominates most existing health wearables in the market. The company’s software, which comes in the form of iOS and Android apps, is harnessing the power of health technology and advanced data analytics to address the needs of severe cases of chronic illness — a market that Harry Leeming, co-founder and CEO at Visible, describes as “wildly underserved.”

Visible didn’t initially set out to become a diagnostic tool for long COVID or other chronic illnesses. Rather, its journey began with the simple aim of streamlining patient communication during the chaos of the COVID eruption. However, Leeming soon recognized the urgency of the long COVID problem and turned to the idea of building the “illness tracker.”

“People are eager to move the conversation on from COVID, but the truth is chronic fatigue was a problem long before long COVID hit the headlines. Chronic Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome — there was already a huge community of patients that were underserved. Long COVID is the strongest ‘why now’ slide

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