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The latest fitness trend experts actually love

What comes to mind when you think about doing cardio? For me (and I suspect I’m not alone in this) it’s tiring exercise, like running or burpees, that takes a lot of motivation to suffer — I mean power — through.

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate a good sweat session. I love the flood of endorphins after an intense Barry’s Bootcamp or Orange Theory Fitness class.

But it is in this sweat-crazed climate that Hope Zuckerbrow, a content creator on TikTok, has found her niche preaching a radically different approach. “We all have this idea in our head that working out is very intense. You go to the gym, and you wear your sports bra, and all that stuff,” she tells TODAY.com. “And I don’t think anybody ever told us, hey, moving your body can totally be about watching TV in your pajamas at home.”

Cue the record scratch, right? If you’re unfamiliar with her oeuvre, watch Zuckerbrow’s morning routine — she may well have invented exercise ASMR. It involves lighting a scented candle, queueing up her favorite movies, making an iced protein coffee, and playing around with various sunset and lava lamps for mood lighting. The stage is now set for a surprising activity: A “cozy cardio” workout.

What is ‘cozy cardio’?

“I want ‘cozy cardio’ to be a movement for women to reclaim their relationship with exercise,” Zuckerbrow said in one of her TikTok videos.

What does “cozy cardio” entail?

  • A cozy space

  • A tasty drink — for Zuckerbrow it’s a protein coffee and water

  • A TV show, movie or podcast

  • Low-impact, easy movement that makes you feel good

Regularly up before dawn because of her boyfriend’s job as a restaurant server, Zuckerbrow came up with the idea one morning when she

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