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Alia: From Strength Training To Yoga: Alia Bhatt Reveals Her Workout Routine

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt Reveals Her Workout Routine (Picture credit: Instagram/ Alia Bhatt)

Alia Bhatt in a recent ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Instagram shared her favourite food, workout and a lot of other details. This is not the first time that the actor has done an AMA session on Instagram, she does it quite often to stay connected with her fans. In the recent session, Alia Bhatt also revealed her workout routine. From strength training to yoga, there’s a mix of different forms of exercise.

Answering a question about her workout routine, Alia Bhat said, “I am always mixing it up cause you don’t want ur body to get toooo used to anything. Always a work in progress kinda girl.”

Speaking of her workout routine, the actor revealed that she works out 6 days a week unless she is travelling or is not well. Adding to it, she also said that she does strength training, yoga, pilates along with steady state cardio.

“I workout 6 days a week! Unless I’m travelling or not well. I do strength training 4 times a week and yoga/pilates along with some steady state cardio the rest of the week,” wrote Alia Bhatt.

Alia Bhatt workout routine
Alia Bhatt Workout Routine (Picture credit: Instagram)

It is important to include different workouts in your routine as it can yield several benefits. Read on to know why it is important to include different forms of workout and not do only one form.

Different workouts engage various muscle groups, preventing injuries and improving overall strength. Each form of exercise, be it cardio, strength training or flexibility exercises, targets specific aspects of fitness, making your workout beneficial for your overall health. ensuring a well-rounded approach.

Along with physical benefits, mixing up your workout routine keeps things interesting and mentally stimulating. Monotony can lead

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