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The Times of Israel’s 10 best hotels in Jerusalem for 2023

There’s no place where antiquity mingles with the modernity quite like it does in Jerusalem. Between the new high-speed rail station at the city’s western entrance and the time-worn cobbled streets of the Old City, yeshivas share streets with tech startup offices, medieval church spires and minarets share the skyline with a growing number of glass high-rises, and event halls host traditional religious ceremonies as well as music and film festivals.

Jerusalem’s world-renowned hotels reflect the city’s exhilarating contrasts in their innovative designs and offerings that pay homage to history while meeting modern standards of luxury.

With a long and growing list of outstanding options, it can be a challenge to choose the best hotel for your next stay in the Holy City. Each property boasts its own unique blend of charms, amenities, and views, and a wide range of price points.

The Times of Israel staff has created this list to help you decide. Each selection has been handpicked to encapsulate the city’s diverse charms, from luxurious havens nestled amid ancient streets to grand modern retreats with panoramic views.

1. Best Historic Luxury: King David

With a legacy dating back to 1931, the King David Hotel is a living architectural masterpiece that has played host to royals, US presidents, peace negotiators, and countless world leaders. It consistently ranks among the top luxury hotels in the world, and it offers all the elegance and amenities

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