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How Mindfulness Supercharges Exercise for Mental Wellness

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Combining physical activity with mindfulness significantly improves well-being and mental health, according to a study by the University of Bath and the Medito Foundation. This approach helps overcome exercise challenges and has led to the development of mindfulness audio courses to support exercise habits. Credit: SciTechDaily.com

For people looking to start 2024 with a new routine to feel fitter and happier, a new study from the University of Bath suggests that combining mindfulness with exercise could be your key to success.

A study, published in the academic journal Mental Health and Physical Activity, suggests that life changes which combine both physical activity and mindfulness are most effective at lifting mood and improving health and wellbeing.

Both physical activity and mindfulness practice have well-established psychological benefits. However, by reviewing existing research studies, this is one of the first to show how the positive effects can be increased when the two are combined.

Its findings suggest that mindfulness can help to unlock exercise by helping to motivate people to start in the first place, whilst overcoming minor pain, discomfort or feelings of failure when exercising gets hard.

Analysis of existing research found mindfulness to be highly effective at reducing worry, stress, anxiety, and helping people to live healthier, happier lives. The benefits for mental and physical health from mindfulness were found in people with and without health issues.

The study was conducted by psychologist Masha Remskar, an expert in behavior change, mindfulness, and exercise based at the University of Bath, with support from the Medito Foundation – a mindfulness non-profit with a mission to build a more mindful world.

Through its work, Medito has developed a mindfulness meditation app – a free alternative to paid-for services such as Headspace and Calm. It is collaborating with Bath to help improve people’s mental

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