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This Do-Anywhere Workout Trend Combines Cardio And Strength For Full-Body Benefits

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If you’ve ever seen people walking about with a weighted pack on, but not really heading on a backpacking trek and thought, what the ruck?! I’m here to explain.

That’s rucking, which is a time-tested way to sweat (the military has used it for years!) quickly gaining ground among exercise fanatics. It started as a military training workout involving soldiers carrying a heavy pack (rucksack) and walking for miles (ruck marching).

It’s possible you’ve inadvertently gone rucking before. The basics of rucking are simply to go walking or hiking with weight on your back. If you want to turn it into a true workout, though, there’s a bit more to it and sweet perks as your reward for the hard ruck.

Meet the experts: Emily McCarthy is cofounder and head of community at GoRuck. Percell Dugger, CPT, is a certified personal trainer and Nike running coach. Katie Knight, CPT, is an online fitness coach with Knight Time Training, an ultramarathon runner, and 2022 GORUCK Games Champion.

But, you don’t have to be in the military to go rucking and try it out for yourself. It’s naturally a social activity, so you can break a sweat while chatting it up with your workout buddies.

Whether you’re hoping to embark on your own rucking journey or just curious to know how it all works, read on for all the expert intel on benefits, safety tips, workouts, and more to get started on the right path.

What is rucking?

To put it simply, rucking involves walking for long periods of time with weights in a rucksack. “We like to say that rucking is active resistance training,” says Emily McCarthy, a former CIA case officer

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