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Mind Over Money: 15 minutes of meditation every morning helps Vested Finance CEO stay mentally fit

“Mental fitness helps you stay content and calm in the midst of all the pressures one faces in today’s life,” says Viram Shah, Co-founder & CEO, Vested Finance.

In an interview with ETMarkets, Shah said: “A mentally fit leader can think clearly, manage stress better, and make more rational decisions, which are all necessary for the success of their team or the portfolios they manage” Edited excerpts:

Q) Tell us how you keep yourself mentally and physically fit and why it is important, especially now or post-pandemic?

Staying physically fit has always been important, now as I have grown older, I have realized the importance of mental fitness as well.

Staying physically fit gives you a chance to maximize your potential by reducing the chances of regular or unexpected illnesses.

Mental fitness, on the other hand, helps you stay content and calm in the midst of all the pressures one faces in today’s life.

I exercise regularly to stay physically fit. This is in two forms, either by playing a sport (which I personally prefer!) like tennis or football or the other is going to a gym to exercise.

I have recently started group workouts, which are more fun than going to the gym. For mental fitness, I do 15 minutes of meditation every day in the morning.The key is to meditate before checking your phone, or else it becomes difficult to switch off the brain chatter.

Tell us about your daily and weekly regime.

Daily routine
I am a morning person, so I like to begin my day early. Exercise and meditation are the two main things in the morning.

Both help clear my mind and prepare me for the day ahead. As a family, we also spend some time together in the morning before we get started

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