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FIT by Katy Hearn is now Sesh Fitness App

Hearn builds on record of success with latest endeavor; the next evolution from the founder of Alani Nu, FIT by Katy and Onyx + Rose.

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The business that started Katy Hearn’s multi-billion dollar empire, a fitness and coaching app called FIT by Katy, is heading into its biggest evolution yet. With the new brand, Sesh Fitness App, Hearn looks to push the business beyond her, and pivot to focusing on the 450K+ women whose lives the eponymous app has helped change over the last decade.

Photo courtesy of Sesh Fitness

FIT by Katy, the virtual fitness and personal training app that gained popularity through its highly anticipated 8-week challenges, is relaunching and taking its industry-leading programming and nutritional support to a more community-centered space.

Hearn has a track record of understanding what it takes to build communities, beginning on social media, where she engages daily with her 1.7 Million followers. She is also the founder of the health and wellness brand Alani Nu, which recently collaborated with Kim Kardashian on a signature flavor, and has a valuation of more than $3 billion from JP Morgan Chase & Co. Hearn’s popularity has earned her a passionate fan base that she has drawn from to launch her family of brands.

Launched in 2015, the FIT by Katy app was Hearn’s first entrepreneurial venture and allowed her to share her expertise with her community of social media followers. Since then, the app has grown exponentially thanks to its unique, one-on-one virtual coaching and its highly-engaged ‘fitness family’ who offer each other accountability, support and guidance. Hearn built and fostered the growth of a proven system – adding more coaches as the app’s popularity grew, – that leads to longer-term, sustainable results, unlike what you’ll see from the vast majority of

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Fitness App For Quality Stretching Guidance And Training: Interview with STRETCHIT Co-Founder Natasha Nikolaeva

Our muscles naturally become less elastic over time, leading to stiffness and decreased range of motion. Regular stretching helps counteract this by lengthening the muscles and tendons, allowing for greater mobility, improved posture and a healthy body. These and other benefits you will find out in this TechBullion interview with STRETCHIT Co-Founder Natasha Nikolaeva, as she talks about the stretching fitness app.

Please tell us more about yourself?

My name is Natasha Nikolaeva. I am the CEO and Co-Founder of the STRETCHIT app – a leading fitness app on stretching, mobility, and flexibility.

I co-founded STRETCHIT with my sister Marina Skladchikova to bring the positive impact and health benefits of stretching and flexibility to people worldwide.

As a side note, I live in New York and I’m a former lawyer who gave up a successful career in corporate law to build and grow STRETCHIT.

Tell us about STRETCHIT, what inspired this platform, and what solutions the platform provides?

I remember sitting at my desk at the law firm, suffering from persistent lower back pain. I was 25 and thought the pain was a normal part of “getting old.” 

One day I accidentally got to a stretching class at a local dance studio. I felt inflexible, couldn’t even touch my toes, and everything felt stiff and tight. 

Gradually, I started to see significant improvements in my flexibility. I reached front splits, backbends, and all these other movements I thought I was “too old” to do. It just felt amazing. All that tension and pain was gone.

My sister was going through a similar transformation then, and we knew we had to get more people to experience these benefits.

Could you give us an overview of the stretching fitness

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Sweat Economy (SWEAT) launches “travel the world” prize draw

  • Sweat Economy (SWEAT) has launched the “Sweat Wanderer” prize draw that is open to all up to 14 May 2023.
  • Registering and staking at least 25 SWEAT tokens via the Sweat Wallet app will see users eligible to win an all-expenses paid global tour to see the Seven Wonders of the World.
  • The winner, to be announced on Monday 15 May 2023, will also receive $2000 to spend.

Sweatcoin, a health and fitness app that seeks to encourage healthier living through rewards for daily physical activities, has announced a new prize draw that will see the winner “travel the world.”

The Sweat Economy app was the top downloaded health and fitness app in the world in 2022 with over 65 million downloads.

Sweat Economy prize offers all-expense paid global tour

Dubbed “Sweat Wanderer,” the draw is open till 14 May 2023 and will see the winning participant get a chance to explore the Seven Wonders of the World. The all-expenses paid trip will last a month, the Sweat Economy team said in a blog post published 2 May 2023.

According to the platform, the global tour will be for two (winner and a person of their choice) with flights and accommodation covered. The prize also includes $2,000 in cash as spending money.

To participate, one needs access to Sweatcoin and the Sweat Wallet app and complete a registration process.

Once you opt-in to the crypto section of the wallet app, you need to “stake” at least 25 SWEAT tokens to be eligible for the Sweat Wanderer prize. After that, all one has to do is take and share photos and videos online, as well as be open to an interview discussing experiences.

The “Sweat Wanderer” winner will be unveiled on Monday, 15 May 2023 at 2pm UTC.


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