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Madlab Business Introduces Innovative Fitness Business Model For Gym Owners

Madlab Business aims to provide a comprehensive remedy, which emphasizes mastering client retention and building a professional gym with full-time career coaches who earn a professional wage.

Madlab Business, a pioneer in the fitness industry, stands ready to transform the gym business landscape with its innovative fitness business model. Designed to tackle the common challenges encountered by gym owners, this business plan for gyms offers a proven solution to stop losing clients, coaches, and money.

Gym owners have long grappled with the complexities of client retention, staff turnover, and financial stability. They initially started their businesses hoping to achieve work-life balance and financial success. However, they often find themselves overwhelmed, constantly seeking the next marketing gimmick, and struggling with sales and cash flow. In response, Madlab’s Fitness Business Model offers a lifeline to gym owners, helping them level up while maintaining competitive pricing strategies.


“Our program can empower gym owners with the knowledge and tools they need to transform their businesses,” says a spokesperson for Madlab Business. “We understand the frustration associated with constantly searching for effective strategies. The Fitness Business Model is a game-changer that offers a simple yet effective approach to sales, client attraction, coach compensation, and profitability.”

Madlab’s Fitness Business Model encompasses essential components. It imparts client retention mastery, assisting gym owners in significantly increasing annual retention rates through proven intake and education processes. Furthermore, the company advocates the inclusion of professional full-time coaches, promoting career opportunities within the gym by implementing a performance-based pay model.

Additionally, the model strongly emphasizes revenue-boosting. The ‘PT 1st’ framework ensures that each new client contributes to gross revenue before becoming a member, thereby significantly enhancing overall revenue for gym owners.

“Madlab’s Owner Development Program is your all-in-one

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The RomaniaActive Health & Fitness Business SUMMIT brings to Bucharest top leaders of the private sector, guests of Government, topical issues and growth

If EU countries solved the problem of physical inactivity, they would save almost 8 billion euros a year. 30 minutes of physical exercise, five days a week, would prevent 11.5 million new cases of non-communicable diseases by the year 2050 and save 8 billion euros, in the European Union alone. Unfortunately , Romania is one of the worst cases of sedentary behaviour in Europe: more than 6 out of 10 Romanians declare that they never exercise. (Eurobarometer 525).


The ROMANIA ACTIVE HEALTH & FITNESS BUSINESS Summit is preparing, this year, for an exceptional edition, dedicated to the development and shaping of the future of the health, physical activity and fitness industry in Romania. With over 440 participants joining, it will be a dynamic Summit covering experts’ panels with debates and topics for the Industry to learn, network and grow. Being the only Industry that is forced from 5% VAT to 19%, the need for an active dialogue with the authorities will also be a hot topic at the event.

“Romania needs more exercise education! It is proven that exercise is medicine and that it helps prevent and treat the most common chronic diseases in the world, diabetes, heart disease and obesity! What will be the cost implication of having a sedentary lifestyle increase in Romania? Romania’s ranking near the Top of the most sedentary countries list must be a wake-up call for the nation. Sedentary behavior is a leading risk factor for numerous health issues and increased cost implications.

This startling statistic not only impacts the health and well-being of the Romanian population but also places a substantial financial burden on public health spending in the country. The estimated healthcare costs related to sedentary behaviour in Romania stand at a staggering 119 million euros annually! These costs cover

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