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Moray’s first fitness centre for people with neurological conditions opens in Elgin

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AN innovative new fitness centre providing support and community to people with neurological conditions and chronic illnesses has opened in Elgin.

The Project Neuro team. From left; Natalie Gilray, Jonny Fyfe and Mollie Powney .Picture: Daniel Forsyth
The Project Neuro team. From left; Natalie Gilray, Jonny Fyfe and Mollie Powney .Picture: Daniel Forsyth

Project Neuro is Moray’s first neurological fitness centre and offers a diverse range of fitness programs tailored to the unique needs of its clients. The studio was created by personal trainer Mollie Powney, after she recognised a gap in the services available to people diagnosed with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, and Dementia.

She said: “As a personal trainer, I work with people with neurological conditions and I noticed there was a gap in services between people being diagnosed and physiotherapy, there wasn’t much advice for exercise and a lot of people end up going to physiotherapy who would benefit from exercise instead of or as well as physio. I really wanted to be able to provide that for them and I thought I could help a lot more people if I took a risk and opened a studio.”

The facility offers a variety of classes are designed to address the specific needs of individuals with various neurological conditions, including Boxing for Parkinson’s, Laughter Yoga, circuits classes and gentle seated exercise classes, along with classes for carers. These classes encompass a wide range of activities, from laughter therapy, which harnesses the power of laughter and breathing exercises to reduce stress and boost mood, to functional workouts targetting hand-eye coordination, balance, flexibility, and movement.

Mollie is supported at the studio by personal trainer Jonny Fyfe and laughter yoga instructor Natalie Gilray and the team have already seen the positive impact of creating the supportive community environment, with several clients making

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