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How to live a long, healthy life? Trainer to Jennifer Aniston and Meghan Markle says low-impact strength training is ‘the future of fitness’

To live a long, healthy life, start doing strength workouts, says a celebrity trainer who has worked with A-listers including Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston and Sofia Vergara.

Resistance training, particularly through low-impact exercise, is key to healthy ageing, says Sebastien Lagree, the founder of US-based Lagree Fitness, a high-intensity, low-impact exercise method.

“Not enough people understand the benefits of resistance training. It’s not just for the aesthetics,” he said. “Now that I’m 50, I’ve started to spend a lot more time on how to make these workouts the best for longevity. It’s not a consideration, it’s a necessity.”

But working out is just the beginning. Lagree’s approach for clients, as well as his own personal routine, focuses on muscular strength, consistent habits and heart health, as well as simple nutrition tips to improve fitness for the long haul, both in and out of the gym.

Lagree loves food, and his approach has always been to focus on portion sizes, not cutting out foods entirely. Photo: Instagram.com/sebastien.lagree

Muscle building focus keeps body and metabolism strong

Resistance training to build muscle and strength is a key part of adding healthy years to your life, Lagree said – and there is plenty of research to back it up.

Lagree Fitness classes use unique equipment that incorporates springs for resistance instead of traditional weights, which he said can be easier on the joints than activities like HIIT – for high intensity interval training.
The workouts also focus on a “time under tension” strategy to help build muscular endurance, core strength, and balance, all of which can help make you more durable and resilient as you age.

“I’ve been preaching low-impact workouts as the future of fitness. With the low impact comes longevity; you can’t expect to do high impact forever

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5 Promising Fitness Tech Niches For New Startup Projects

Nowadays fitness is becoming more and more tech-enabled, and innovative startups are playing a pivotal role in reshaping how individuals approach health and wellness. From personalized AI-driven fitness plans to engaging virtual experiences, the fitness tech industry is witnessing a transformative phase with distinct niches offering unique opportunities for early-stage startups. In this article, we explore five such niches.

1. Wearable Fitness Technology

The fusion of wearable technology with fitness has given rise to a burgeoning niche within the industry. Beyond basic activity tracking, wearables offer features like heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, and stress tracking.

Withings is a great example of a company in this niche. They specialize in smartwatches and fitness trackers, which exemplify the fitness, health, and wellness wearables trend.

Wearable fitness technology represents a fundamental shift in how individuals monitor and engage with their health, offering a prime opportunity for startups to contribute to the rising global health and wellness awareness and timely prevention of health problems.

While manufacturing has a rather high value to entry for new startup projects, specializing in the tech needed for this niche could be a great opportunity. It’s very likely that a multitude of traditional brands that offer wearables are going to enter this niche, and providing tech solutions could position new projects well for high-value partnerships in the fashion industry or even for fast exits by acquisition by fashion brands that lack the tech expertise.

2. AI-Enhanced Personalized Fitness

At the forefront of fitness tech innovation is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with personalized fitness solutions. Startups are harnessing the

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Sweat and Sunshine: Outdoor fitness in Tampa Bay

With its year-round warm climate and abundance of outdoor spaces, Tampa Bay offers an ideal environment for staying active and healthy. While traditional gym workouts can be effective, outdoor fitness provides a unique and enjoyable way to sweat and stay in shape in the sunshine. We have it so might as well take advantage!

Let’s explore the benefits of outdoor fitness, top activities to try in Tampa Bay, and tips for staying safe and comfortable during your workout.

Benefits of outdoor fitness

Health benefits of walking info-graphic vector illustrationm (Getty Images)

There are many reasons to exercise outdoors in the sunny Tampa Bay climate. For one, increased exposure to vitamin D, which is produced by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight, can help strengthen bones and boost the immune system.

Multiple studies have shown that spending time outdoors can improve mood and mental health, reduce stress levels, and increase feelings of happiness and well-being.

Tampa Bay provides a variety of workout options, from running and biking to kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

This allows individuals to switch up their routine and challenge their bodies in different ways, leading to better overall fitness and improved physical performance. Furthermore, outdoor workouts can be a social activity, allowing individuals to connect with others who share their interests and goals.

We live here for the weather and the views, might as well enjoy it while breaking a sweat!

Top Outdoor Fitness Activities in Tampa Bay

  • Running and jogging along Bayshore Boulevard: With its stunning views of the water and downtown skyline, Bayshore Boulevard is a popular destination for runners and joggers. The 4.5-mile stretch is perfect for both beginner and experienced runners, with plenty of opportunities to stop and rest or take in the scenery.
  • Biking on the Pinellas Trail: The Pinellas
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2023 is the Year of Biophilia Exercises and Forest Bathing

Nature is good for more than just aesthetic backdrops. Get the lowdown on biophilia exercises and forest bathing and their proven benefits here

Emerging at the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic is the growing popularity of biophilia exercises. Biophilia refers to our instinctive desire to be with nature and other forms of life as a whole. Simply put, biophilia exercises are exercises done within nature, which more and more people have become drawn to now with the pandemic firmly behind us. This approach to fitness can also be linked to forest bathing, which is rooted in the idea that our physical and mental health is improved by spending quiet time in wooded areas

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Biophilia Exercises and Forest Bathing 2023
Photo: @kateridion (via Instagram)

Indoor training facilities, home gyms, and fitness classes are not going away anytime soon—what with the comforts and convenience that air-conditioned spaces provide—but there are definitely plenty of benefits to adding biophilia exercises to your schedule. 

The benefits of biophilia exercises

Exercise in itself is a mood booster due to the happy hormones your moving body produces, but exercising outdoors with nature and the open sky for company can double this effect. Not only can working out in green spaces reduce your stress levels and your odds of getting distracted, but biophilia exercises can also increase your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is good for decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as supporting your body’s immune function, among other benefits. Studies have also shown that outdoor gyms have a positive effect on adults meeting the World Health Organization’s physical activity recommendations.

Biophilia Exercises and Forest Bathing 2023
Photo: @patriciagatus (via Instagram)

The acknowledgment of the positive effects of nature on one’s health definitely isn’t a new trend as “shinrin-yoku,” a

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