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Ergatta Wants To Transform Your Fitness With Its Game-Based Rowers

In a home-workout landscape where content is king, Ergatta has taken a bold approach.

What if, instead of perky instructors pushing you to get one more rep or go just a bit farther and faster, it was just you and a little marker on the screen that you had to try and keep in a certain zone? What if, instead of a leaderboard, you had other members racing against you in an interactive kart-style race? Or you were all trying to siphon points from a collective pool? Or maybe you just had to try and match the rhythm?

That’s what awaits you when you strap your feet into one of Ergatta’s rowers. Both the original Ergatta and new Ergatta Lite are surprisingly rustic at a glance. There’s no gleaming metal frames and magnetic resistance here but, instead, hardwood frames and a water reservoir that provides resistance.

The classic appearance belies an innovative training program.

The Hardware

One glance at Ergatta’s rowers and you know that they’re not your typical home workout equipment. The original rower is crafted from cherrywood while the frame of the Lite is made from oak.

Both use a refillable water reservoir instead of magnetic resistance. The advantage of using water over magnets is that you get even, natural resistance throughout your stroke, like if you were rowing on the water. This engages your core and arms more and takes pressure off your back. It’s something I’ve noticed. In the month I’ve been using Ergatta, I’ve not had the same lower back pain that I felt when using the Hydrow or Peloton machines. The auditory feedback you get from a water rower is nice too, though if you have light sleepers in your home, they may wish for the whisper-quiet

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