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2023 is the Year of Biophilia Exercises and Forest Bathing

Nature is good for more than just aesthetic backdrops. Get the lowdown on biophilia exercises and forest bathing and their proven benefits here

Emerging at the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic is the growing popularity of biophilia exercises. Biophilia refers to our instinctive desire to be with nature and other forms of life as a whole. Simply put, biophilia exercises are exercises done within nature, which more and more people have become drawn to now with the pandemic firmly behind us. This approach to fitness can also be linked to forest bathing, which is rooted in the idea that our physical and mental health is improved by spending quiet time in wooded areas

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Biophilia Exercises and Forest Bathing 2023
Photo: @kateridion (via Instagram)

Indoor training facilities, home gyms, and fitness classes are not going away anytime soon—what with the comforts and convenience that air-conditioned spaces provide—but there are definitely plenty of benefits to adding biophilia exercises to your schedule. 

The benefits of biophilia exercises

Exercise in itself is a mood booster due to the happy hormones your moving body produces, but exercising outdoors with nature and the open sky for company can double this effect. Not only can working out in green spaces reduce your stress levels and your odds of getting distracted, but biophilia exercises can also increase your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is good for decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as supporting your body’s immune function, among other benefits. Studies have also shown that outdoor gyms have a positive effect on adults meeting the World Health Organization’s physical activity recommendations.

Biophilia Exercises and Forest Bathing 2023
Photo: @patriciagatus (via Instagram)

The acknowledgment of the positive effects of nature on one’s health definitely isn’t a new trend as “shinrin-yoku,” a

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