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Lifelong health journey boosts fitness sector

Members take a Pilates class at a Pure yoga studio at Jing”an Kerry Center in Shanghai in October. [Photo/China Daily]

Lululemon/Pure store in Shanghai taps into China’s workout craze

Climbing the curved stairway at Shanghai’s Jing’an Kerry Center, Lululemon’s largest site in the Asia-Pacific region, a fitness studio on the third floor suddenly comes into view.

It is the brainchild of a recent innovation jointly developed by Pure Group and Lululemon, offering small-sized group classes including Tai Chi yoga, Pilates, rings and more than 20 kinds of self-developed yoga and fitness classes.

At the new 400-square-meter location, which consists of two classrooms, consumers can reserve sessions online and sign in automatically by scanning codes on their phones upon arrival.

At the door, clean towels and training apparel are ready for pick-up.

The store is decorated in earth tones, mud red and green, with flowing lines, round corners and curves creating a lively and fluid atmosphere. At the reception desk, its food and beverage brand Nood Food is available at a minibar to diversify edible and potable offerings for members.

During the venue’s opening ceremony, Jane Jiang, managing director of Pure China, said, “The store has redefined advanced athletic scenes and a premium sports community — a gateway to seek expansion and development in China’s fitness market — through collaborating with Lululemon in creating better training experiences and bringing well-being to more people.”

The small-sized studio was unveiled on the 10th anniversary of operating on the Chinese mainland for Pure Group, which has yoga and fitness studios in markets including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and New York.

“Our presence has proven to have massive potential for high-end fitness studios that prioritize experiences and easy payment methods,” said Jiang, citing the recent ups and downs of the fitness sector across the

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