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New Year’s resolution to get fit? Ways to save on gym memberships

FLORIDA — Step into any gym in January and you’ll find a full house. By March, there will be plenty of empty spots.

Personal trainer Ty Pena, owner of The Bod in Tampa, estimates that 70% of the people signing up at the fitness centers for the New Year won’t last 30 days.

The reason? Some go too hard in the beginning and burn out. Others set unrealistic expectations, and in some cases, they simply choose a gym that doesn’t fit their needs.
Pena’s number one piece of advice when choosing a gym is to avoid long-term contracts. He points out the cancellation can cost just as much as the gym membership.

Pena suggests going with a gym that offers month-to-month memberships that can be canceled at any time.

Gym shoppers should keep an eye out for special promotions, especially during the holiday or the start of the year. Gyms often offer discounted rates or waive initiation fees during these times.

And try before you buy. A lot of facilities offer a free week or complimentary classes. You want to make sure it is a good fit before signing up.

And once you are there, ask around, and see what other members have to say about the place.

Missy Hileman and her daughter Ella found their perfect fit in group fitness classes. Both women say they feel better mentally and physically after an instructor-led session.

Ella. a college student, told ABC Action News. “I feel it is so much easier to be encouraged by other people.”

Pena’s advice for newcomers: Pace yourself. Start with no more than three days a week to avoid burnout in the first couple of months.

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