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The 9 Biggest Fitness Trends of 2023

A survey conducted by Garage Gym Reviews shows the reasons why people began training in 2023 were as diverse as the ages, genders and incomes of the survey’s participants. The analysis was done on people who train at home, at a local fitness center or commercial gyms. It’s a timely survey, since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows us that only 28% of Americans are meeting the physical activity guidelines set by the agency.

Yet, 61% of those polled in the survey do not actually complete their fitness requirements in a commercial gym setting. Most will use their home gym, have manual labor jobs or do physically demanding chores around the home to achieve their fitness requirements.
Amongst those who are meeting their physical fitness requirements, here are the reasons behind their training, the preferences of different age and gender groups and what you need to know about these trends.

1. Strength training is big with young people

It is the most popular form of training for the age group of 25-34. Younger people who train like to get stronger but will, in their later lives, quit lifting when they need it the most.

2. Cardio training is the most popular with elderly

For seniors over 60 years of age, the biggest preference is a cardio workout. Cardio is great for cardiovascular health, weight maintenance and medical blood work tests. However, adding some form of strength training is also recommended, especially while we age and reduce bone mineral density, posture and durability.

3. Middle-age Americans prefer a mix

A combination of strength and cardio is the preferred training method for the age group of 31-42. A combination of strength, cardio and flexibility training is wise not only when you are younger but especially as you age.

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