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This off-the-bike fitness challenge will help refine essential MTB skills and seriously boost your power



Last week we posted a quick-hit fitness challenge routine aimed at boosting power and strength for challenge-to-boost-your-riding-power” data-ylk=”slk:mountain bike riding;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “mountain bike riding, specifically the arms, but having tried it, it’s a pretty tough overall body workout that hits hard on your core and legs too.

That challenge came from Jonny Thompson over Fit4Racing on Instagram, and they have plenty of other fitness-building videos that mix things up from the usual gym work, and are aimed at improving your overall mountain biking abilities. Fit4Racing is the official partner of YT Industries and also looks after the YT Mob, and has trained some of the best mountain bike riders.

Having participated in boxing training a few years back, one of the videos that caught my eye was Jonny’s 10-minute skipping challenge and having been reasonably good at skipping and seeing the benefits it brought for my overall fitness, I dug out the ropes to give this one a try.

What are the benefits of skipping for MTBers?

Firstly, skipping isn’t reserved for kids in the playground, for mountain bikers and cycling fitness in general, skipping works all the major muscle groups in the body building strength and mobility. It’s also a high-intensity cardio workout, calorie-burning, perfect for blitzing those stubborn areas of fat.

Quads, glutes and calf muscles will burn as you launch yourself off the ground, while your core works hard to keep you upright and stable. Arms, shoulders and wrists don’t escape either as they all come into play as you control the rope. Not to mention your heart rate hitting you into the red.

If like me you’re not a fan of running, but feel you need to do more exercise off the MTB, studies have found that skipping for just 10

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