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African Royal and Rooa CEO, Prince Ikeobi Ekwevi, Is Mr.Health and Fitness.

African Royal and Rooa CEO, Prince Ikeobi Ekwevi, Is Mr.Health and Fitness.

African Royal, Philanthropists and CEO of New Cybernetic Augmentation Platform Rooa Is Finalist for Mr.Health and Fitness Campaign by Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

The world of fitness has a new contender, and he goes by the name of Prince Ikeobi Ekwevi. An African royal, philanthropist, and fitness icon, Ikeobi has been selected as a finalist for the highly-coveted title of Mr. Health and Fitness, hosted by the esteemed Muscle and Fitness Magazine. This announcement has caused waves across the fitness world, with many anticipating that Prince Ikeobi of Umueri is set to become the new face of fitness.

Ikeobi is no stranger to success, having achieved global fame as an innovative fitness technology entrepreneur with his cybernetic augmentation platform called Rooa. Prince Ikeobi is a highly sought-after speaker, and a successful athlete. His dedication to promoting health and fitness has earned him worldwide recognition, and his unique approach to wellness has inspired millions to embrace new technology like Rooa and techniques to achieve their fitness goals.

Rooa It is an entity storage platform that allows for the extended preservation of the humanoid species with the help of ai cybernetic augmentation. The website can be found at https://www.Rooa.us. Only a select few will be able to start utilizing his exclusive life changing platform. 

Now, as a finalist for Mr. Health and Fitness, Ikeobi’s incredible physique and fitness prowess have been recognized on a global scale. Muscle and Fitness Magazine, one of the most prestigious publications in the fitness industry, has selected Ikeobi as a finalist for the campaign, a testament to his outstanding achievements in the world of health and fitness.

The competition is running a one-month promotion, giving people the chance to cast their votes for Ikeobi. To support this remarkable athlete and philanthropist, head over to

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