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ADVERTISING FEATURE: Business Showcase – Fit For Sale Property Enhancement

Fit For Sale Property Enhancement director Danielle Godfrey.

FIT For Sale Property Enhancement is the husband and wife team helping Port Stephens homeowners prepare their properties for market.

“Since 2022 we have been conducting market ready property consultations where we go over the whole property and provide a report detailing areas that require attention,” said director Danielle Godfrey.

“We can assist with cleaning, decluttering, gardening, styling and sourcing trades and offer unlimited phone support to our customers throughout the whole selling journey to make it as stress free as possible.”

The couple got into the industry after renovating several properties and developing a passion for real estate.

“We have seen first hand how a property can sell faster and for much more money, if it is just presented properly.

“We have both spent many years working on our own homes and we understand that not everyone is physically, mentally or emotionally able to do the same.

“For some people selling their home is a tough decision and can be quite traumatic,” they said.

According to the owners, Fit For Sale is unique because they don’t just focus on the styling of a home.

“We look at the overall property and educate the owners on how to prepare every aspect from the smell, to the temperature, from the lawn to the furniture placement,” Danielle said.

“We specialise in occupied home staging so we use as much of the owners furniture and styling items as possible in order to keep hire costs down.

“We can provide just our advice or we can do the whole lot, and we are there to support the property owners and make them feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.”

The Fit For Sale services generally starts with market ready property consultations, and they also offer various

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