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Estonia men’s national football team manager on making the Euro 2024 play-offs | News

Estonia’s men’s national football team may have only ended up with one measly point at the end of its Euro 2024 qualification campaign, but by dint of a curious detail of regulations, the team can in theory still qualify for next summer’s finals in Germany, via the play-offs.

ERR’s Sport portal caught up with team manager Thomas Häberli, a Swiss national and former player, who has been at the helm since 2021.

The interview asked why Häberli is not worried about his own position despite the results, ways in which these results can be improved upon, and the need to remain focused on the play-off match fixture set for March, against either Poland or Croatia at the time the interview was conducted.

Aet Suvari: Our figures are pretty poor at the end of this qualification campaign – one point, last place in the group and a goal difference of minus20. What do you think are the main reasons we did so poorly this time?

Thomas Häberli: The question relates to expectations – what do we expect.  Are they that we beat stronger teams in the group, like Sweden, Austria or Belgium? Naturally what we cannot be satisfied with right now is finishing Azerbaijan. We really desired to be better than them, that is true.

But we need to accept that if we are missing so many key players, things will be very hard for us. September was particularly bad; unfortunately we couldn’t fight back and achieve anything historic. And I believe it would have been a historic thing if we had won one of those games. But we weren’t able to pull that off, and now we have to keep working and try to improve.

Suvari: For sure. One of the main issues is what you yourself have pointed out

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