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Everything You Need To Know About Fasting

DIETING TRENDS come and go. They always have. Since humans began to study and then manipulate our physiology, health and fitness trends have emerged, usually promising revolutionary benefits, only to fade into oblivion once they face the full force of scientific scrutiny. Few emerge from this process unscathed. Occasionally though, some of these trends are legit.

Fasting is one such trend, though, in fact, it’s a natural way of life that’s been around since the dawn of humanity, with a purpose that’s integral to your body’s cycle and function, a fact that perhaps explains its effectiveness. You’ve likely heard word-of-mouth testimony on the benefits of fasting from someone who’s tried it, or from someone who knows someone who’s tried it—hardly convincing evidence, we know. But take it from us, there can be real benefits to fasting, which exists in the small space where scientific research and fitness guru reinterpretation meet.

If you’re considering giving fasting a try, it’s important that you first have all the information necessary to make the right decision. To assist, this is everything you need to know about fasting, from its benefits to its dangers.


What is fasting?


Technically, regardless of whether or not you’re considering taking up fasting for its fitness benefits, you already fast every day. Fasting refers to the—typically overnight—period which delineates your last meal of the day from your first meal of the next day. This is a crucial component of the body’s daily cycle, and it’s a process that has developed through habitual human actions over thousands of years.

Believe it or not, this a supremely natural routine. With many of the material issues of the first world solved, including hunger and access to food, humans have become accustomed to ingesting three hearty meals a day and treating themselves to snacks

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