Tan France’s 1,000-square-foot walk-in wardrobe is fit for a Maharaja

Tan France’s 1,000-square-foot walk-in wardrobe is fit for a Maharaja

In the middle section, dubbed the “Runway Room,” a bespoke tri-fold mirror serves as a visual highlight, inspired by an old photograph of Judy Garland that made it to France’s mood board. This space, delineated from the others by earthy clay tones, is where the Netflix star plans on shooting a lot of his content. A dramatic ceiling punctuated with a geometric star print, common to Islamic architecture, makes its way to the millwork. Intricate layered panels on either side of the mirror add dimension to the space. “It looks a lot more dramatic to have this trellis on it – this latticework – as opposed to just a flat print. I really wanted it to feel as authentic as physically possible,” says France.

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The third space of the walk-in wardrobe, complete with an island for storage.

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The end section, finished in shades of green and cream, is where France stores most of his clothes. An island for storage, featuring geo-print latticework on the sides, sits in the middle. Here too, South Asian structural details and hand-painted illustrations add nuance. “All of the finished carpentry and stencilling, literally every single painted detail you see here, has been applied with a small, tiny brush,” the Fox team says, emphasising the meticulousness this project demanded.

To Tan France, this big, beautiful walk-in is special in more ways than one. Beyond the aesthetic choices or trappings of luxury, it stands as a physical manifestation of France’s journey; a culmination of his hard work over the years. “I put my dreams to one side because we didn’t come from a wealthy family. But I always fantasised about what I wanted life to be. Always seeing this as my North Star thinking one day I’m going to own a home.”

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